College of Ocean Engineering


National Kaohsiung Marine University (NKMU) is characterized by its emphasis on ocean technology.  To meet the challenges of developing international ocean affairs and ocean technology in Taiwan, College of Ocean Engineering was established on February 1, 2004.  It consists of four departments, and graduate institutes: Department of Electronic Communication Engineering, Department of Marine Environmental Engineering, Department of Microelectronic Engineering, Department of Naval Architecture and Institute of Ocean Engineering and Technology. In the academic year of 2007, the College faculty includes six professors, twenty-four associate professors, eleven assistant professors and six instructors (totally 47 faculty members). Many of them have won recognition in various research fields, have published papers in international and domestic journals, conference proceedings, patents and have achieved international and domestic research awards, such as NSC distinguished and outstanding research awards, NSC regular research awards, and Chinese Engineering Society engineering awards.


To coordinate with the national policy (emphasized on ocean technology), the College integrates the teaching and research teams and labs based on the needs of the nation and the resources of NKMU. The major research centers are as follows: ship building design, integration of shipping mechatronics, shipping navigation and communication, satellite remote control and detection, monitor maintenance and prevention of ocean environmental pollution, deep sea exploration equipment and instrument design, submarine fluid dynamics and noisedesign, semiconductor, sensors, IC seal testing and IC design.  Furthermore, our faculty actively participates in the research among the national industries, national defense and the livelihood of the people. In addition, the College offers the programs (with no certification) of the graduate school for the outstanding professional engineers to further study.

Educational Goals

·      To educate students with profound theoretical knowledge

·      To enhance the students’ professional performance in workplaces

·      To cultivate the students’ humanistic mind and global viewpoint

·     To train the best employees for ocean industries



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